World Federation for Neurorehabilitation (WFNR) Special Interest Group



1.  To encourage a cooperation between neuroscientists and philosophers concerning, in particular, the field of neural correlates of consciousness, free will/making decision mechanisms, emotion/empathy/mirror neurons, ethics/behavior, semiology.

2.  To strengthen the development of bi-directional linkage between philosophical theories and neuroscientific hypothesis concerning in particular the epistemological/ontological approach in the different fields of neurophilosophy.

3.  To promote meetings, teaching activities and research about the impact of neuroscientific evidence concerning plasticity, brain lesions and degeneration, recovery mechanisms on philosophical theories and vice versa, in particular in the field embodied cognition and neuroethics.


Heinrich Binder(A)

Giorgio Sandrini(I)

Scientific Advisory Committee

Salvatore M Agliotti (I),  Patricia Churchland (US), Stephanie Clarke (CH) ,  Paolo Fusar-Poli (UK,I) , Markus Gabriel(G), Volker Hömberg (G), Georg Northoff (Canada), Giacomo Rizzolatti (I), Gerhard Roth (G,A), Mark Solms (South Africa),   Tomaso Vecchi (I),  Sabahat Asim Wasti (UAE), Barbara Wilson (UK)